Benefits Of Reflexology

The Benefits of Reflexology

It may surprise you to discover how far reaching the benefits of reflexology can be.

Not only is it a truly holistic treatment, it is also an extremely pleasant experience.

People get hooked on the good experience of the treatment and the health benefits that they

gain from it.

Stress Buster

Stress is a fact of life none of us can escape it, but its not the stress that is the problem, so much

as the way we handle it and perceive it.

We are all different, some people handle stress better than others, but it is true that there are

good and bad stressors.

For example, Performing in an amateur dramatic society is stressful in an exciting way, whereas

worry, overwork, relationship difficulties and money worries are harmful stresses, as they

mount up our defences sink and we become more susceptible to illnesses.

Reflexology has been proved over the years to be really good therapy for coping with stress.

Improves Sleep Quality

If we can’t get a good night’s sleep, the world starts to look like a very different place.

It becomes harder to cope with everyday life.

Relationships become difficult as our nerves are frayed, and everything seems just a little more


Children seem noisier, the boss seems more demanding than ever, and worries are magnified.

Reflexology works on a deep level to bring about a real sense of peace, most people say they

sleep much better during periods of treatment.

The body can cope with the occasional restless night or even the odd late night, but when this

disruptive sleep pattern becomes a regular occurrence, it affects the long-term health in a

negative way.

Sleeping well is extremely important for deep healing and regeneration.​

Improves Circulation

The circulation carries blood around the body.

The blood transports oxygen and nutrients to nourish the cells and removes carbon dioxide and

debris for processing by the liver and kidneys, so anything that improves circulation will improve

overall health.

Stress, fatigue and illness can affect this flow, as the blood vessels become constricted, which

hinders the flow of blood especially to the brain.

If we improve our circulation, we improve the function or every cell and this improves

everything from our state of mind to stamina.

Helps Charge Our Batteries

Wouldn’t we all love more energy?

We have seen people in their seventies and eighties who have loads of energy, whilst some in

their thirties who struggle to keep up.

Feeling more energetic gives us a zest for life, it makes our daily tasks easier and more


Reflexology opens the energy pathways, enabling a free flow of this energy throughout the


Helps Us Detox

The lymphatic system is one of our bodies major detoxifying networks.

Reflexology helps to the lymph, encouraging it to be more efficient, helping to take the

workload off the organs, such as liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and bowels.

Reflexology also helps these organs not just the lymphatic system, to perform a better job.

The Whole-Body Treatment

The feet contain information about the whole body, as do the hands, face, ears, tongue, spine

and iris (in the eye).

Some  acupuncturists  will treat only the ears (Auricular acupuncture), but still achieve amazing


Another technique iridology, which is reading the iris, can reveal what is happening within the

whole body, after the reading, the  iridologist  must decide on a course of treatment needed.

In reflexology, the reflexologist can read feet, but he or she can also work on the whole

system at the same time.​

This treatment is carried out on the whole body in a totally holistic way.

Reflexology works on the emotional, physical and spiritual levels

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