Art of Aromatherapy

The Art of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the art of science using natural aromatic essential oils, derived from plants or flowers.

Each essential oil has its own distinctive aroma (hence "aroma" in aromatherapy) and scientific experimentation and brain scans have shown that aromas can influence the brain e.g. by relaxing or stimulating.

The "therapy "of "aromatherapy" refers to the therapeutic benefits of essential oils for beauty, general well-being, psychological and emotional help and certain illnesses.

Aromatherapy also has a part to play in reducing stress in today's busy life-style.

Essential oils have small molecules that enter the body through the skin and the bloodstream. Once absorbed, the essential oils are directed around the body to affect the various organs according to the properties of the relevant essential oils.

Essential oils can also be absorbed through inhalation through the nostrils.

True natural essential oils are a complex combination of different constituents including trace elements. It is this combination which gives the natural oil its therapeutic value.

Many essential oils are now produced synthetically and are called "nature identical", but the fine balance of naturally occurring constituents including trace elements cannot be exactly reproduced and hence the balance and effectiveness of the synthetic oil cannot hope to match that of the naturally occurring oil.

Mystics and Magic has never nor will we ever offer synthetic oils as being pure essential oils. We firmly believe in, and, our company is completely committed to, the integrity and pureness of Aromatherapy and our labels convey this integrity to the consumer.

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