Aragonite Crystal Definintions


Aragonite crystallizes forming acicular (needle shaped) crystals which are elongated along the c-axis.

The mineral formation can also be fibrous, columnar, stalactic.

Quite frequently the crystals will be twinned and/or inter-penetrating.

The predominant colours include white, yellow/yellow-gold, green/green-brown, and blue.

It provides for ease in centering oneself and is especially helpful during periods of stress and anger, or during the preparation for the state of meditation.

It can also provide for insight into the basis of the problems which one confronts on the physical plane and can stimulate communication on the higher planes.

It enhances ones patience and helps one to "maintain" comfortably during conditions requiring the acceptance of an abundance of responsibilities.

It can, when consciously directed, help one maintain strict discipline within one’s activities. It also enhances reliability and practicality.

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