Apache Tears Definition

Apache Tears

The apache tear, a variety of obsidian, is volcanic glass and is usually found in a vitreous from of black, black/clear, black/Smokey/clear, black/mahogany, and occasionally black/violet, or black/green.

The shape is somewhat spherical with conchoidal markings.

It has been used to comfort in times of grief; it, metaphorically," sheds" the tears in times of sorrow, allowing for true understanding of the situation of distress in order to provide insight and acceptance.

It allows ones comfort zone to "remain at large".

It also promotes a forgiving attitude and a release of grievances which have been held against another.

The apache tear stimulates spontaneity and facilitates the removal of barriers which are self-limiting.

It can be used to enhance the assimilation of vitamins c and d, to aid the elimination of toxins from the body, and to alleviate muscle spasms.

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