Albeit Crystal Definitions


Albite is a form of feldspar, which crystallizes in the pattern of masses, tabular crystals, and plate-like crystals. The colour range includes blue, brown, red, white, and colourless.

This mineral encourages one to flow with relationships, situations, and the activities of interactions. It enhances the qualities of tact and cooperation.

It eliminates fear of the unknown and supports personal freedom through change. It encourages one to action, providing insight to certainty of purpose while sustaining one’s confidence and resolution.

It also stimulates clarity in thought and enhances the stabilization of the frequency of brain wave transmissions. It can provide for a connection to the psychic self, awakening the energy pf the third-eye and expediting the verbalization of the experience.

It has been used to clarify and to treat disorders of the eyes, restrictions of the blood flow, and ambulatory disorders. It is a purifier for the disturbed portions of the physical body.

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